Assembled in 2014, a slow boat to china has become one of the southeast’s premier original rock groups. Drawing on influences from Soundgarden, Kings X, Jane’s Addiction, Radiohead, and Failure, their songwriting style involves textured sonics, haunting melodies and visceral grooves. The songs are a study in contrast - inspired by the old and the new; hard, but fragile; strange, yet somehow familiar.


Supporting the release of their 3rd album, noumena, and current single release, mirrors, a slow boat to china continues to gain momentum headlining premier rock venues in the Southern U.S. and is quickly gaining a strong following internationally through radio airplay and social media campaigns.

noumena track list:

matron queen

a priori

fire in a flat circle



metaphysica II

the space around

Produced by a slow boat to china

Recorded at East Atlanta Recordings and Space Between Studios by Mike Froedge, Zen Hardy, Bruce Butkovich and Matt Hanson.

Mixed by Mike Froedge (Black Label Society, doubleDrive, and now asbtc drummer) at Parhelion Studios. 

Mastered by Donn Aaron.

Cover art by Galvanize Collaborative Solutions, Inc.

Art Direction by Zen Hardy

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© 2019 a slow boat to china, Atlanta, GA, USA